Senac RS

Here is a pretty cool job that I did for the Estúdio Makako.

My role was modeling the characters, unwrap the models and baking some Color, AO and curvature maps. It was very fun to model these characters because it was something different than I usually do, the guys from studio Makako did an awesome job on the concepts and direction of the animation.

Commercial Work

Sculpt Retopo UV's Bake
Advertiser: Senac RS
Agency: Competence
Production: Estúdio Makako
Direction: Estúdio Makako
Concepts, Layout, Animação adicional, Look Dev, Render e Post Production: Estúdio Makako
Character Animation: Jonathan Edward e Hannry Pschera
Rigs: Danilo Pinheiro
Character Modeling: Lucas Falcão
Audio Production: Loop
Estúdio Makako Team: Lucas Mori Flores, Mariana Medeiros, Felipe Janke e Maurício Canterle.