The main goal of this keymap change is to make Blender’s keymap even more consistent and efficient, specially for modelers, I’ve tried to change the shortcuts in a way that matches the action or the tool that I’m using.

I’ve made a proposal at Right Click Select some time ago with some of these shortcuts that I think would be easier for everyone to memorize, but here I change shortcuts that I know that won’t fit every user.


First thing we need to disable some hotkeys that are not used very often by Modelers and we will replace with things used more often. I personally prefer use toolbar on the sides of the Viewport and use the space bar for other shortcut, but feel free to keep it at spacebar if you prefer.

To disable the Keymap, just uncheck the box on the left.

  • Play Animation = Space
  • Hide Collection = 1, 2, 3, …
  • View Online Manual = Disable
  • Toolbar = Shift + Space
  • Set Tool By Name = W
  • Fallback Tool Pie Menu = Alt + W


Here in the 3D Viewport I’ve tried to put some hotkeys that are very often used for modeling, more closer to the left side of the keyboard and the left hand. Mostly already are on the left side actually, but Frame Selected and Local View that are very often used by modelers are placed on the Numpad. This way you can always keep your hand on your tablet or mouse.

And I also like to use the Toolbar on the right side of the viewport and the Sidebar no the left, for me as a right-handed I feel more natural to make a movement with my arm to the right side to reach the Toolbar, that I use more often than the Sidebar.

3d render of a cartoon crab

  • Frame Selected = W
  • Local View = Alt+W
  • 3D View > View = Alt + Middle Click Pie menu for views
  • Perspective/Orthographic = V
  • Convert to Menu = C (object.convert) Add it on Object Mode Category
  • Flip Region = F11 (screen.region_flip) Add it on Object Mode Category

Editor Type

I like to customize from F5 to F8 with the Editor Types that I use most, for fast adjust and customize the workspace.

  • 3D View = F5
  • Outliner = F6
  • UV/Image Editor = F7
  • Shader Editor = F8

Edit Mode

In Edit Mode I’ve tried to make the shortcuts more simple, some of then need to hit a combination of Ctrl plus the key, but in some cases that key doesn’t have any operation assigned. So why not make it simple and just hit that one key?

  • Subdivide = D
  • Grid Fill = Ctrl + G
  • Join = J ( Instead of Ctrl+JA)
  • Separate = Alt + J
  • Parent = P ( Instead of Ctrl+P)
  • Redo Last = F1 ( Instead of View Online Manual, you can use the right click )
  • Select More = +
  • Select Less = -
  • Make Links = L ( Instead of Ctrl+L)
  • Show Gizmo = Shift + Space

If you wanna try this Keymap changes I recommend to change it manually, this way you will already memorize it better. Or you can download the keymap file bellow.